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Official #VOLVO600 News, Announcements, Updates

The most recent communications

  1. We are filing our evidence with Guinness to claim a new world record for 1574 Volvo cars to parade, eclipsing a nine year old standing record set in 2010 by a massive 1004 cars.
  2. Our charity page is still available and you can still make a difference by donating as little or much as you can. Please read on here.
  3. We will publish all of the video evidence once they are available on this website. For now, please stay with us and check back later for updates.

Earlier communications

  1. Check out the latest updates about the merchandise and YouTube. Click here for Merchandise and here for YouTube
  2. We have listed our partners and their services on the website, please make sure to check them out here.
  3. We have added a few examples of the cars attending the event. Check out the our gallery here.
  4. We regret to infom you that dogs are NO longer allowed to attend this event. Please read here the full article.
  5. We have added direct link to our social media platforms, see left side or top on mobile devices.
  6. Please download the form ready to the big day!
  7. Make sure to turn up at the correct entrance. To avoid any disappointment and extra driving around, please enter the full address including Bath Lane, Lutterworth to arrive to the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground.

Latest updates