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VOLVO600 is proudly raising funds for Breast Cancer Care

Volvo Owners have a proud tradition of supporting charities through fundraising and donations. You have raised thousands for good causes over recent years and we thank you.

VOLVO600 recently lost one of it's most loved members to cancer and we were devastated but came together to show our love and support for John 'Nosh' Ronie. We were all profoundly affected by it, just as we all know & love someone who is affected by Breast Cancer.

Choosing the charity Breast Cancer Care wasn't an easy choice with so many charities doing fantastic work in the UK & worldwide, but our thoughts were drawn to a long standing, well respected and much loved member and all round Volvo nut Skye Charlotte Crockford.

Skye has experienced first hand the affects of this disease and the impact it has had on her life and those she loves, she has also experienced the valuable support given by Breast Cancer Care. Click on the Just Giving link below to read more of Skye's heartfelt story.

We hope with just a £10 donation from all that attend VOLVO600 Bruntingthorpe via the Just Giving page, we could together help raise between £6,000 - £10,000. It would be an incredible achievement - one that would make Breaking the World Record even better.

With thanks and much love, the VOLVO600 Event Team.

Read more info on Charlotte's breast cancer story

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