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How is the VOLVO600 event funded?

The cost of VOLVO600 is estimated to be between £9,000 and £12,000 pounds.

The rental of the meeting location, public liability insurance, toilets and radios to keep marshalling staff in contact with event control is estimated to exceed £8,000 pounds before consideration is given to the production of merchandise and other incidental items.

Professional and commercial sponsorship is strictly prohibited as set out in the clauses made clear by Guinness World Records own terms and conditions, the organising team have taken the approach to ensure funding for the event will be achieved through the production and selling of specific merchandise directly associated with the VOLVO600 event.

A set of records will be kept and published and in the spirit of openness which detail how funds have been generated and the costs of running the event met. (These will be published on VOLVO600 websites and forums).

Through funding the event in this way, VOLVO600 will be a free to enter and free to take part in. Observation of this principle will attract the most number of Volvo cars possible.

Once the event has been funded and associated invoices settled, additional funding created from merchandise sales will be donated to the Breast Cancer Care.

Funding of the event is a specific one time activity. The event organising team want to give you the assurance that all money donated and funds raised via the just giving page will go directly to Breast Cancer Care. Please follow this link to the just giving page to learn more:

Our Just Giving page

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