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How do I attend and take part in VOLVO600?

Taking part in the VOLVO600 Guinness World Record parade is free and simple. Please read and follow these two simple actions:

  1. Simply bring your Volvo Car along to Bruntingthorpe on Sunday 31st March 2019.
    Cars will be admitted to site between 12:00 BST and 14:00 BST with the record attempt taking place between 15:00 BST and 16:00 BST.
    Please plan your journey to arrive promptly between these 12:00 BST and 14:00 BST, as admittance to the parade may be refused for cars turning up after this time.
  2. Please print off the access form found in the links on this page and bring the print out with you on the day.
    1. Part 1 needs to be attached to the inside of your windscreen to gain entry to site on the day.
    2. Part 2 please complete all questions in full prior to your arrival in pen. You will need to hand Part 2 to your designated safety car driver who will in turn file this form with event control for GWR evidence purposes.
    3. Part 3 details 10 simple rules which must be observed. These rules will be reminded to you by your designated saftey car driver on the day.
    4. Part 4 your saftey car driver will relay to you the individual number of your car for the world record attempt. This number can be written onto Part 4 of the form and the displayed in the front windscreen of your car and will also be used for GWR evidence and counting purposes.

Please click on the button below to access and download a printable version of the four part access form.

Attendance Form

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