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The number is 1574... please read on

We wanted to give you news that we have been counting the Part 2 forms which we collected from you on Sunday.

The Volvo600 event team can confirm that we have validated all entries and will be submitting our evidence to Guniess World Records to claim a new world record for the largest parade of Volvo cars.

The number listed below is described as 'provisional' until such a time that GWR confirm in writing our claim.

The evidence will include:

  1. The operations manual which describes how the Attempt was orchestrated.
  2. The risk proformas covering event safety and drone flying.
  3. A set of accounts to show how funds were raised to confirm no professional organisation has sponsored the event.
  4. The aerial video of the parade.
  5. The ground video of the parade.
  6. The completed registration forms - Part 2 forms.
  7. The signed expert witness statements.

We are filing our evidence with Guinness to claim a new world record for 1574 Volvo cars to parade, eclipsing a nine year old standing record set in 2010 by a massive 1004 cars.

On behalf of the Volvo600 Event Team, I would like to pass on sincere thanks to all of you for your support in not only making the event a provisional success, but for your help in raising awareness of Breast Cancer and for supporting a very deserving charity for which you have so far raised an incredible £14,700 and we are not done yet.

Information posted by other online sources (with the exception of the official VOLVO600 Facebook page) is NOT under our control, and may contain inaccurate information. The VOLVO600 Team shall have no liability for the accuracy of the information on other platforms and cannot be held liable for any third-party claims or losses of any damages.

Kindest regards, The VOLVO600 Guinness World Record Attempt Team

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